We are Marc, Miguel, and Oriol, an eclectic blend of photographers, digital minds, and Catalan dreamers who came together in the vibrant fabric of this beautiful city.

The Beginning

It was the distant year of 2010 when luck brought the three of us to a picturesque apartment in the neighbourhood of Gracia (Barcelona). With no apparent connection between us, we ended up sharing space through mutual friends.

Many fond memories were forged during those times, three young souls sharing laughter, parties, and dreams in a quaint apartment. While Marc and Miguel delved into the world of photography, Oriol honed his skills in informatics and digital marketing. Three different worlds, and little did we know that one day they would lead us down the same path.

The Spark

The spark of a dream ignited as we debated ideas and shared experiences. With Miguel immersed in tourism, Oriol navigating the vast world of the internet, and Marc and Miguel already professionals in photography, the idea of capturing special moments for those visiting Barcelona began to blossom.

At that time, it remained just an idea in the air, and as the years passed, our paths diverged around 2016. Miguel, an tireless traveler, began journeying through Eastern Europe, dedicating himself to tourist photography, model shoots, and fashion videos. Marc continued his professional life in Barcelona, working as a wedding and restaurant photographer, with occasional forays into the world of fashion. Oriol, after completing his degree in informatics, delved into the digital marketing world, establishing various online businesses that he continues to manage to this day.

The Resurgence

After a few years, in 2022, Miguel began to entertain the idea of reviving that shared dream. He took a direct flight from Lisbon, where he was enjoying his photographic life, and brought us together again.

He spent a couple of days explaining his idea, how to implement it, and envisioning distinct roles for each of us in the team. Marc and Oriol decided to breathe life into it, giving it wings. Thus, our business was born, where the magic of photography intertwines with the warmth of Barcelona.

Our Mission

At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that photography is more than a mere visual capture; it is a gateway to experiences that endure over time. In Barcelona, we don’t just take photos; we craft unforgettable memories for each visitor.

We take pride in being more than photographers, guiding you through a visual and cultural journey. We delve into the history behind every corner, unravel the traditions embedded in the architecture, and capture the authenticity of every smile.

Each session becomes an enriching experience, where photography is not just aesthetic but a tangible testimony of your connection with the vibrant essence of Barcelona.

Join us on this journey, where each image tells a story, and every visit becomes an adventure.

Welcome to our Barcelona!

Marc, Miguel and Oriol